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...and he (Simon Peter) saw the linen wrappings lying there, and the face-cloth ... not lying with the linen wrappings, but rolled up in a place by itself. - Jn 20: 6-7
-Jn 20: 6-7

Free NFP Talks and Powerpoint Presentations

The enemy of every Natural Family Planning talk is this: cheese.  Yup, it may sound like I'm being superficial and overly focused on being "cool", but I'm not.  However I have learned both from attending my pre-cana retreat and now from my experience giving the NFP talk at my parish, that sending your culturally saturated audience the impression that this is Ned Flanders' or Whistler's Mother's kind of birth control sends people running and screaming from the very practice that could save their marriages, the country and yes the world (there I go being all cheesy).

If you saw the tab "NFP Presentation Scripts" and rolled your eyes assuming that it was yet just another, "Contraception is byaaaad..." kind of talk, then prepare to be shocked.

Let me put this bluntly.  Do you want a talk about Natural Family Planning that doesn't suck?  If so, the click the link below.

My husband and I wrote this talk to reflect our experience and personalities.  If you and your spouse are interested in presenting NFP in tandem whether its during a retreat, catechism class or a conference, then feel free to use the couples talk as a resource.   There's plenty of opportunity for you to personalize it and make it "yours."  Our goal was/is to help those who want to evangelize about NFP effectively but aren't sure where to start.

(More talks meant for just one or more presenters are up in coming.)

My husband and are both 30 years old.  We have been married for almost five years and have two children.  This might not sound like important information, but one of the top complaints about NFP is how it seems NFP families always have kids numbering into the double digits. I just read a great article about this from the Washington Post.

All content is copyrighted.  Take, use, personalize and enjoy.  We only ask that your reference or link to The Theology of Laundry.  Thank you.

NFP Couples Script
NFP Couples Powerpoint Presentation
Duration: 50 minutes.
Speakers: A married couple.  

Movie to follow!


  1. Thanks for posting this! My husband and I will be giving the NFP talk at a local pre-Cana and I'm not quite sure where to start. This is such a great resource!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for reading! Good luck with your talk!

  2. That is a good resource and making a good powerpoint presentation. Thanks for Posting .

  3. the powerpoint is no longer there. is it available?

  4. It's been awhile. That google doc site might have expired. If you message me at marissanichols@yahoo.com I can send it to you. Thanks!


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