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...and he (Simon Peter) saw the linen wrappings lying there, and the face-cloth ... not lying with the linen wrappings, but rolled up in a place by itself. - Jn 20: 6-7
-Jn 20: 6-7

Friday, February 10, 2012

So, Um...is NOW a Good Time to Bring up Natural Family Planning? (and a not-so BIG announcement)

I mean, anytime is a good time to talk about Natural Family Planning.   However, in view of the current birth control debacle, which has inspired many a self-inflicted news "blackout" moment this week (where I purposely avoid my computer and hide in a closet with a lantern expecting armageddon), maybe this would be a good time for sharing the benefits of Natural Family Planning with the mainstream media.  What do you think?

Hey, maybe we can convince the Health and Human Services Department to pass out free basal body thermometers, since they're so anxious to pay for family "planning."  It could happen!  To my knowledge, no one has said it couldn't be natural family planning!  Then again, I have been doing a lot of wishful thinking, lately.  Maybe my mind has finally gone to its happy place where the cheese is for its own self-preservation away from this unprecedented political roller coaster...mmm, cheese.

Sorry, what was I saying?

Okay: the big announcement is this.  I really did not intend for this to be timely at all, but this week I've been embroiled with my husband in creating a couples' script for a...(drum roll)...NFP talk!  It will be posted within the next 24 hours on under the page tab "Free NFP and Powerpoint Presentations." It's copyrighted but completely free to be downloaded and altered by anyone interested in giving a talk about NFP.  It's not the same as an NFP class, but it makes the case for why everyone should want to run out and sign up for an NFP class ASAP. One day, I sincere hope is that birth control will no longer be an issue because no one will use it.  And still I dream the dream...

There will be a script and a powerpoint presentation posted soon.  Latest, Monday.  These will be followed  a video of my husband and giving the talk in a month or so.

That's it!  Now back to the cheese.

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